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MyConcrete App: 

MyConcrete is our latest app created for instant accessibility to aid design of concrete mixes. Made to educate and assist concrete producers to produce quality concrete, MyConcrete utilizes interactive tools to answer questions impacting slump; air; finishability; set-time, it even includes a concrete calculator that generates precise results for day-to-day decision-making. Totally free of charge and available for both phone and tablet usage, MyConcrete is here to answer your concrete queries anytime, anywhere. 

BASF Master Builders Solutions app: 

With BASF's Master Builders Solutions app, access the complete catalogue of Master Builders Solutions products through your smartphone or tablet. Browse through our brochures or search for our products to find its description, technical data sheet and safety data sheet – all these information, just a click away. 

This section is work in progress. We look forward to provide more helpful tools and services for your convenience in the future.

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Master Builders Solutions App