MasterPolyheed 8121 - High range water reducing and retarding admixture

How does MasterPolyheed 8121 work?

MasterPolyheed 8121 is a chloride free, high range water reducing and retarding admixture formulated to produce low slump loss rheoplastic concrete.
Rheoplastic concrete is fluid, workable, or easily flowing concrete but at the same time free from segregation.


What are the unique features of MasterPolyheed 8121?

The slump retention characteristics of rheoplastic concrete allow the addition of MasterPolyheed 8121 at the batching plant. MasterPolyheed 8121 meets ASTM C-494 requirements for Type G admixture and AS 1478 requirements for type HRWR.

What are the benefits of MasterPolyheed 8121?

  • high reliability
  • good workability and surface finish
  • impermeability
  • durability
  • dimensional stability
  • high elastic modulus
  • low shrinkage and creep


MasterPolyheed 8121: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (139.55 Kb)