MasterFinish 202 Oil Based - Form release agent


How does MasterFinish 202 work?

MasterFinish 202 is a ready to use, low viscosity, chemical release agent for all types of concrete formwork. It reacts with the alkalis in water at the interface of the concrete and formwork to produce a thin film of lime soap that prevents formation of any bond between concrete and formwork, enabling the easy striking of formwork.

Recommended for:

  • all types of formwork
  • wheelbarrows, trowels, buckets and other construction tools
  • window and door frames before plastering
  • shutter faces made from non absorbent (e.g. steel), smooth plywood or dense grained timber, porous or rough sawn timber


What makes MasterFinish 202 a unique solution?

MasterFinish 202 forms a layer on formwork shuttering which acts as separation barrier between concrete and formwork substrate and provides good concrete finishes. It also helps in lowering repair cost of concrete and maintenance cost of formwork.

MasterFinish 202 reacts chemically with cement to impart excellent release properties to treated surfaces. Concrete cast against surfaces coated with MasterFinish 202 exhibit a smooth, hard, uniform finish.

MasterFinish 202 has no negative effect on the properties of concrete nor will it impair the adhesion of subsequent surface treatments when applied at the recommended coverage rates.


What are the features and benefits of MasterFinish 202?

  • Prevents adhesion of cement
  • Leaves no residue
  • Superior release property
  • Forms water repellent film on formwork
  • Low viscosity
  • Inhibits formation of air pockets


MasterFinish 202: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (167.80 Kb)